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Family Daniel

The first mentioned family members of the Daniel family - Daniel Jakob and his wife Deborah - came to Schleusingen in 1751. Their four sons Raphael Daniel, Götz Daniel, Hayum Daniel and Liebmann Daniel married. Until 1847, an administrative measure taken by Prussia to adopt fixed surnames, caused the father's first name to be changed to the new surname, so that the former first names Götz, Hayum and Liebmann became surnames of the next generation. Some of their descendants were citizens of Schleusingen until they were transported to the extermination camps: Theobald Götz family, Moses Götz family, Daniel family, Lang family and Moritz Liebmann.

Joseph und seine Frau Fanny Daniel (Sammlung: Christopher B.)

Photo: Joseph and his wife Fanny Daniel (Collection: Christopher B.)

Joseph und Gustav Daniel als Mitglieder der Schleusinger Schützengilde (Sammlung: Schützengilde Schleusingen)

Photo: Joseph and Gustav Daniel as members of the Schleusinger Schützengilde (Collection: Schützengilde Schleusingen)

Moritz und Joseph Liebmann als Mitglieder der Schleusinger Schützengilde (Sammlung: Schützengilde Schleusingen)

Photo: Moritz and Joseph Liebmann as members of the Schleusinger Schützengilde (Collection: Schützengilde Schleusingen)

Isaac Liebmann als Stifter des Bildes und Gewinner des Schützenfestes 1853 (Original – Sammlung Museum Bertholdsburg Schleusingen)

Photo: Isaac Liebmann as donor of the picture and winner of the Schützenfest 1853 (Original - Collection Museum Bertholdsburg Schleusingen)

Siegfried Daniel, born 1875 (exact date unknown), is a great-great grandson of Daniel Jakob and Deborah. Together with his wife Friedericka Daniel, née Meyer, born July 8, 1875 in Oberlausingen, he ran a shoe shop in Bertholdstr. 24. Siegfried died in Schleusingen on December 30, 1920 and was buried at the Jewish cemetery. Her son Julius Daniel, born on December 1, 1901 in Schleusingen, took over the business from his parents and expanded the shoe trade to include a motorcycle shop.
His wife Frieda Daniel, née Berliner, born on November 18, 1900 in Westheim/Unterfranken, moved from Westheim to Schleusingen on March 26, 1928.

Werbeanzeige aus dem Henneberger Kreisblatt

Photo: Advertisement from the Henneberger Kreisblatt

Frieda Daniel

Photo: Frieda Daniel

Julius Daniel

Photo: Julius Daniel

Julius Daniel was a member of the fencing club Schleusingen.
Julius and Frieda Daniel were deported with their children Lieselotte Ruth, born March 31, 1935 and Margot Lina, born March 13, 1929 in Schleusingen, to the ghetto Belzyce/near Lublin on May 10, 1942. No further information is known about the destiny of the family.
Friedericka left Germany on January 25, 1939 with the help of her son Ludwig, and emigrated to the USA. Her second son, Gustav Daniel, born on January 5, 1900 in Schleusingen, left Schleusingen in 1935 and moved to Erfurt on August 22, 1935. It is unknown what happened to him. The third son, Ludwig Daniel, born on March 24, 1905 in Schleusingen, left Germany from Rotterdam. He arrived in New York with the ship "Noordam" on January 2, 1923. His family now lives in the USA.

Antisemitische Propaganda aus dem Henneberger Kreisblatt

Photo: Anti-Semitic Propaganda from the Henneberger Kreisblatt

The house in the Bertholdstraße 24

The story about the house of the Daniel family can be read on the following page.

The house in the Bertholdstraße 24