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Jüdisches Leben in Schleusingen

The Dorn'sche House Nr. 142

The Jew Assur Marx bought Dorn's House before 1724, although he had only moved from Halle to Schleusingen in 1733. Then he sold it to his father-in-law David Hertz. Hertz rebuilt it and rented it to Jews of the town, who maintained a school for their children in it. The so-called "Jewish School" existed since 1725. Kühnert assumes that the Hertz brothers had to declare bankruptcy in 1775. He does not even consider that the bankruptcy was the result of increasing anti-Judaism in Henneberg. He suspects that Feistkohl was buying the house for the Jewish family Daniel Jacob, who settled in Schleusingen in 1751. In 1795 the house was occupied by Daniel Jacob's eldest son, Liebmann Daniel. In 1813 his son Raphael and Liebmann Daniel's wife still lived in the house. In 1829 it was the family of Daniel Götz, the son of Götz Daniel, the brother of Raphael Daniel, who did business here. Daniel Götz's grandson Theobald Götz and his wife Sara with their six children last owned it. The "Aryanization" of the house took place in 1938.

Nach dem Umbau in den Ende 1990er Jahren

After the reconstruction in the late 1990s