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Die Gedenkfeier

The commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Reichspogromnacht

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Reichspogromnacht the Jewish survivors were invited to Schleusingen for several days by the alliance against right-wing extremism Schleusingen.

On a city tour through Jewish Schleusingen, Kerstin Möhring told of her research on Jewish history, she listened to the experiences of Henry as a child and what Ernst and Jutta learned from their parents and grandparents.

Stadtführung der jüdischen Gäste im November 2008

Photo: Guided city tour of the Jewish guests in November 2008 (Collection: Elisabeth Bülter)

From the left: Terri and Henry Frankenberg, Ernest and Esther Lang, Jutta Pajenkamp-Rohde and Kerstin Möhring

Henry Frankenberg tells about his life

Henry Frankenberg tells about his life: Video recording

If your browser does not support the video, you can download it here. Watch the video

Gedenkveranstaltung im „Roten Ochsen“

Photo: Memorial ceremony at the "Roter Ochsen" Schleusingen (Collection: Kerstin Möhring)

Klezmer Konzert

Photo: A highlight in this time was the Klezmer concert with the trio "Oyftref".

Terri und Henry Frankenberg aus New York

Photo: Terri and Henry Frankenberg from New York

Esther und Ernest Lang aus Springfield/Illinois

Photo: Esther and Ernest Lang from Springfield/Illinois.

Jutta Pajenkamp-Rhode aus Steinfurt

Photo: Jutta Pajenkamp-Rhode from Steinfurt

On November 9th we unveiled together a stele in front of the former synagogue, which names the names of the Jewish Schleusingers and their fates. Earlier the chairman of the Jewish community Wolfgang Nossen spoke.

An mdr radio report by Bert Weber

Listen here to a radio report by Bert Weber. The report was broadcasted by MDR.

Newspaper article on the commemoration

The Freie Wort published several articles about the unveiling of the stele and the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Reichspogromnacht. With a click on the corresponding link you can view the corresponding article.

A city works up its past

Schleusinger Jews are coming
Published on 08.05.2008

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So that the victims have names

Stele is unveiled / City expects former Jewish fellow citizens
Published on 01.11.2008

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„Sie hat ihm die Ehre wiedergegeben“

Klezmer concert musical welcome greeting / commemoration event
Published on 10.11.2008

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Back to the place where he was called Ernst.

At the age of five Ernest Lang had to flee Schleusingen. After a spectacular odyssey he became an American - and remained a German as well.
Published on 11.11.2008

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