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Jüdisches Leben in Schleusingen

The Koppenhagen Family

Dr. Benno Koppenhagen, born June 6, 1867 in Germersheim, came to Schleusingen in 1909 to practice as a physician. Together with his wife Olga Koppenhagen, née Baecker, born September 7, 1874 in Barmen, and his children Hertha, born September 14, 1899 and Herbert, born October 15, 1897, both in Unterneubrunn, he lived in the villa "Hertha", Neumarkstraße 5.

Biographical reconstruction

The history of Benno Koppenhagen is described in detail in a treatise by Dr. Kerstin Möhring. It can be read in the PDF file provided.
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Benno Koppenhagen mit seiner Frau Olga

Photo: Dr. Benno Koppenhagen with his wife Olga, née Baecker, collection Kerstin Möhring

Benno Koppenhagen als Student, um 1890 in Würzburg

Photo: Benno Koppenhagen as a student, around 1890 in Würzburg

Benno Koppenhagen mit Schwiegervater Ludwig Baecker, um 1897

Photo: Benno Koppenhagen with father-in-law Ludwig Baecker, around 1897

Benno Koppenhagen mit seiner Frau Olga, seinen Kindern Herbert und Hertha, um 1905

Photo: Benno Koppenhagen with his wife Olga, his children Herbert and Hertha, about 1905

Dr. Benno Koppenhagen 1915

Photo: Dr. Benno Koppenhagen 1915

Einige Bücher von Benno Koppenhagen

Photo: Some books by Benno Koppenhagen

Herbert Koppenhagen im Etappenlazarett in Valenciennes, 1916

Photo: Herbert Koppenhagen in the stage hospital in Valenciennes, 1916

Villa Hertha in Schleusingen, Neumarkstraße 5, um 1913

Photo: Villa "Hertha" in Schleusingen, Neumarkstraße 5, c. 1913